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From Venkataraman's childhood, there was a continual throbbing of 'Arunachala, Arunachala', mysteriously pulsating within. It was not a sound, but an inner sphurana which was spontaneous and continued in spite of himself. The time had come for this 'throbbing Arunachala' to reveal Himself as the "stula Arunachala'. One day he heard a visitor [his uncle] in his house talking, when the word 'Arunachala' caught his ear. He enquired from this elderly relative, whom he had known in Tiruchuli, whence he had come. "From Arunachala," he was told. "What! From Arunachala," the boy exclaimed, amazed that this was a place to which one could go. The relative, wondering in his turn at the ignorance of the callow youth, explained that Arunachala was Tiruvannamalai. The sudden realisation that the Holy Hill was a real, tangible place on earth that one could visit overwhelmed Venkataraman with awe and intense joy. The very name of "Arunachala' gave confirmation to the formless experience that had been pulsating within.

~ from Bhagavan Sri Ramana, A Pictorial Biography

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