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Sri Muruganar
Sri Muruganar (1893-1973)

In September, 1923, Sri Muruganar (who was then known as C. K. Subramania Iyer) was shown Sri Bhagavan's 108 verses to Arunachala, Aksharamanamalai by his father-in-law Dandapani Swami. It was immediately clear to Muruganar that Sri Bhagavan was the Guru he had been seeking. He set out to see Sri Bhagavan, stopping on his way in the Arunachaleswara Temple in Tiruvannamalai where he composed eleven verses to Bhagavan, addressing him as Siva and asking for his grace.

Sri Bhagavan was living at that time in the small hut that had been built over his Mother's samadhi.  When Muruganar arrived, he was not sure of the proper way to approach Sri Bhagavan, so he stood outside the hut. After some time, Sri Bhagavan came out and enquired what he wanted.  Muruganar began to sing his freshly composed verses but he was so overcome with emotion that he was unable to carry on.

Sri Bhagavan took the poem from him and read it himself.  Muruganar was a well-respected Tamil scholar, and until his meeting with Sri Bhagavan, he had taken great care to annotate him poems with a specific raga or melody, but after this first sighting of Sri Bhagavan, he was never again able to sing his poems.

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